This is what our clients had to say about Metro Fashion Studios. 

I loved every minute of my shooting day, the best thing was having my hair and make-up done. The makeup artist was very good and the wardrobe lady chose the best outfits. The photographer, she was polite, telling me the poses to do. The managers after-care guidance was well spoken and gave excellent feedback. The photographs was brilliant and truly captured my beauty as well as the e-folio website. I would recommend this to everyone who wants to become a model!

I would like to say thank you so much to give me opportunity of a life time for me can following my dream, is was excellent I had really great experience. thank you for all everyone at Metro Fashion Studios I feel so special feel
comfortable and can’t wait to work with you

We had a fabulous,fun,exciting day working with extremely professional people. Jessica loved her experience at Metro Fashion Studios and is looking forward to her modelling future.

I just wanted to thank Sara and the team at Metro Fashion Studios for a really exciting day. I love my portfolio and can’t wait to start working in the modeling industry . I felt really excited and confident after my amazing day. Thank you

Working with you guys is like what I believe heaven is.
You made such a special day for me.


I absolutely loved my shoot at metro fashion studios, it was amazing! All the people that were working there were very friendly and made me feel relaxed and calm! It was my first experience of being in front of a camera like this but the photographers made me so chilled and made it enjoyable for me, this has made me more confident and im so much more happier now and I am really excited to get my first shoot for a company now i cant wait!!!

Thank you Metro for making my shoot, so much fun and such a positive experience. The hard work, passion and dedication of all the staff is contagious and has inspired me to work even harder in this competitive industry. I love the pictures and am very excited about my future.

Hi. Thanks a lot for making me feel comfortable and enjoyable. It was a great time and good lesson for my future

Dear metro fashion studios I want to say thank you for giving me a wonderful experience during all the photo shoots and trying out new clothes . I really enjoyed it and it also boosted up mu confidence level , not that i was shy before , but this just stirs up more confidence and more excitement within me to be part of the team . I also want to thank the wonderful people that work there who all put their share in , in making it a successful photo shoot ,I look forward to seeing you all in the future …

Hi Sandra,

It was a pleasure attending the studio Saturday 14th December and I had thoroughly enjoyed the experience that I received from Metro Fashion Studios, I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks a lot, for the support you gave me. Could you please thank your team for the wonderful job they did on the day. I will never forget the day. I cant wait to receive the photos that we have ordered as well as the website. I hope we stay in contact.

Olivia-Ann Edwards.
Next top model.